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Total PC and Network Support

DeRae Designs specializes in "in-home" computer repairs. You don't have to worry about unplugging that broken computer and hauling it to some repair shop - we come to you, and repair that computer at your house or place of business. We have been in the computer business since the 1970's when if you wanted a personal computer, you had to build it your self.

We can make your slow, unresponsive computer act like new again!

Despite our many years of experience, we believe that computer repair should be affordable, so we charge only $70 per hour with a one hour minimum. Any replacement parts are of course extra, but most computer repairs we see involve fixing the software, not the hardware.

We can also install any new hardware into your computer that you would like. Would you like a new DVD burner, surround sound card or better video card, but are intimidated to open that computer case up? Well we know our way around the insides of any computer, and we can add anything to your computer that you want and is available.

Infested with spyware??, your computer is running slow?? Give us a call and we can clean up your system.

Check out our custom made computers, including our Computer Forensic Workstations.

Want a personal or small business network, but don't know anything about networking? DeRae Designs can design and install a personal network for your home or business computers. We can set you up with a wired network, wireless network, or a combination of both.

Follow our network link above or on the right to see what we can do for you today.


Website design

DeRae Designs has been building websites for individuals and companies since the mid 1990's. Like computer repair, we believe websites should be affordable, so our website packages start at only $500 for a basic 3-5 page site.

Go to our website section from the links above or on the right to see what we can do for you and your website.


News and Additions

We have an ever growing list of tips for the use of our customers and technicians that can be found here

Some useful program links are listed on a new downloads page

Analog to Digital TV tips here

Some humorous and stupid email scams here


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